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International research project shows importance of dedicating oneself to the home

This is the international research project Global Home Index, formed to evaluate how the home is valued in society. To do so, it launched a

Vivir en familia y hacer tareas hogar mejora salud emocional

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How to Foster a Welcoming Attitude in the Work Setting

A positive work environment benefits both the business and the employees, helping the entire endeavor to be successful and beneficial. Happy employees may be more

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Homemade Hapiness

What is the secret to finding happiness? In search of an answer, high school students traveled as long as nine hours to unpack the mystery

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Secret to happy children is respect and harmony at home, not money

MONEY doesn’t matter when it comes to raising stress-free, well-adjusted kids, a landmark survey of Australian children has found. Richer kids are smarter, but they’re

Home Is a Song I’ve Always Remembered

For musician Teitur, singing is about giving away a piece of yourself to others. "If your intentions are to impress people or to get the



April, 13, Incontro Romano: highlights

Incontro Romano Conference and events. 13th April 2017, Rome. Shaping a Welcoming World

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Encuentro Sudamericano del Servicio

Jóvenes de varios países pensaron sobre "Un mundo acogedor" en el Encuentro Sudamericano del Servicio 2016 (15-16 de oct) en Argentina. Durante el encuentro se

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21st Service Sector Seminar – 2016 – São Paulo, Brasil

Topic: "Shaping a Welcoming World" For the past 21 years AFESU (Associação Feminina de Estudos Sociais e Universitários) and Casa do Moinho have been

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