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making tangible what is intangible

Authentic power is service Pope Frances started his Petrine ministry with these words on 19th March at Saint Peter’s square.
What kind of power is that of serving others? It is all about understanding the deepest meaning of reality and adding a personal dimension to each job: “for whom” it is done.

“Done” and “finished” are two different concepts. Why does it matter? The finishing touch; the culminating moment; down to the last detail; the last stone: these are all expressions that help us grasp the beauty and the satisfaction of a well-finished job.

We are well aware that the details make the difference. Something that cannot be missing, because behind it one discovers the affection, the dedication and the love needed by the people we work for.  Thus, our work is transformed into service. The best moment, the right temperature, the presentation: these are all factors that reveal the quality of work and often a particular style as well; the work and style of the person who likes her job and does it well. Because they make tangible what is intangible. They transform what is simply material into something personal.

Minding the trifles, attention to details: expressions that reveal that behind the work there has been order, planning, time management, and affection – it does matter to have the right details – in order to reach the goal in the planned moment, and this also says a lot about the quality and objective value of service.

Incontro Romano 2014 wants to address the infinite potentiality of service: the potentiality of expressing the greatness of the person by materializing the affection in details. It is a power that can change the world.


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